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Every ARK Official event will be hosted on our cluster.

On top of that we host a set of special events. These special events are all community based events both PvE and PvP events.

Special events:

All the special events are custom created events hosted on a seperate map: EventRotator
This event map is only accessible during these special events.

Special events are frequently hosted and are announced beforehand in discord.
Every special event has an own set of rules that apply for that specific event.
These rules and other event details are in a seperate text channel in discord.

This text channel is published before the event starts so players can prepare.

Every event has an own set of rewards players can win as a reward for participating.
For PvE events there can be multiple winners.
For PvP/Castle raid events there can be only 1 player/tribe as a winner.

Upcoming special event

Fright Night 2022


Start: October 29th, 2022
Map: EventRotator

Upcoming special event

Frosty Fest 2022


Start: TBA
Map: EventRotator

Previous Special events gallery:

Summer Bash Special 2022
Event ended.

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